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By guito_76 ·
I just bought an older pc from a friend, and I can't get past the logon screen. When I start the PC up it comes to a screen asking for a user name and password. The person I bought the PC from can't remember what the password is, because it's been like four years since she set it up. It's running Win XP Pro. Is there a way for me to disable this whole logon thing? She can't find the Windows CD that came with the machine, either.
Thanks for the help

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Contact the manufacturer.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Win XP Pro log on Help

Provide them the model and serial number and they'll send you system restoration CDs for a few bucks. Or take it back to your friend and ask for your money back.

It's very strange that your friend can't remember the password. How did she get it running after she turned it back on / rebooted it / power failures?

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Custom Build

by guito_76 In reply to Contact the manufacturer.

The comp was a custom build, the girl I bought it from has moved to Holland, and I don't know the guy what built it for her...

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You may want to consider

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Custom Build

Making sure a system works before you buy your next one. Always insist on installation source CDs / DVDs and license numbers so you have some idea if the software is legal or not. As it is you're stuck learning a painful lesson. Good luck.

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You can use free linux password recover tool

by tonylewis In reply to Win XP Pro log on Help

I have done this in the past: There are many free Linux tools on the net that allow you to reset the Windows XP password. Here's a link to one site I Googled: . I've not used this specific one before, but have used a similar one in the past and it worked like a charm.



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by guito_76 In reply to You can use free linux pa ...

I can't get past the log in screen, and the admin acct is the only one on the comp... No log on, no internet.

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Not sure I quite understand...

by tonylewis In reply to Ummm...

Did you download and create a boot cd on another computer in order to boot up the system you bought? I assume you have access to another PC since you're posting here. Once you boot with the CD or floppy, you should be able to reset the Administrator password.

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by guito_76 In reply to Not sure I quite understa ...

I'm using my laptop to post here. I haven't been able to make a bootable disk because laptop doesn't have a floppy and the DVD+Multi drive took a crap on me and I just can't afford to replace it right now. I was hoping there was some way to bypass the welcome screen all together when the machine's booting up...

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I see...

by tonylewis In reply to Laptop

No, there's not way to bypass as that would totally defeat the purpose of having the login. I would suggest having a friend make a cd or floppies using the directions on the website.

Let us know how you make out.



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