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    Win XP Pro Memory Use


    by s.w.kraft ·

    I had written a comment before about running out of memory when running a Fortran application under the Win XP Pro, Command Prompt subset(DOS?). I have additionally done the following: Issued the DOS “mem” command, It states that: 655330 bytes in conventional memory, 655360 available for MSDOS, 632832 bytes available for the largest program size, 1048576 bytes available in contiguous, extended memory, 0 bytes available for XMS, MSDOS resident in high memory. It sounds like, even though I have 525Meg of memory, the “HIMEM.SYS” capability or the system using extended memory is not working. My program size continues to be around 400K but the CodeView program and Win XP Pro software from Microsoft is also in memory, 32K for codeview, don’t know how much for Win XP. Any ideas? Please let me know at Thanks

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