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I have a business customer that I need to address some networking issues for. They have 1 computer with XP Pro acting as the server for applications and Internet. They have 3 other computers with WINME. Their internet connection is a USB Modem connected to the server. The Server has a static ip and Users with WINME automatically search and find the internet but they believe too slowly. The main program they used is called WINTAC. It is an access database that is located on the server. The program is installed on each computer and then is configure to open that database located on the server. I have mapped the server drive. No problem seeing all the computers. The biggest problem has been that it is slow and sometime the computers loose the connection. PLease make some suggestions.

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by jklein In reply to WIN XP PRO NETWORKING ADV ...

I would first suggest that the client either rollback to Win98 or upgrade to WinNT. Because of WinME's multimedia capabilites it lost some fo the networking fuctionallity. Also, ensure that the duplex settings match on the ME machines and the hub(I assume there is one).

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by rawright In reply to WIN XP PRO NETWORKING ADV ...

There's probably not a lot you can do for them. With three Win9x PCs connected to a server that's not a server (WinXP), and all depending on a dialup connection (assuming the modem is dialup) it's going to crawl. You can sometimes help things a bit by cleaning up the network settings - removing all but one client, one adapter, and one protocol - and verifying that all the NICs and the hub are operating at their peak rated speed. If you can monitor the NICs, by the way, check for collisions and lost packets. Most NICs come with utility software for this. If there seem to be a lot of conflicts they may have a bad cable termination or two. This can cause a lot of packets to be retransmitted, which looks to a user like a slow connection.

Another quick check you should make is to visit and check for their free broadband test. Check the measured speed from the WinXP machine, then from each of the attached PCs. There shouldn't be a large difference in speed, and it might point out a problem with the ISP's service.

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by kimscomputing In reply to

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by pgm554 In reply to WIN XP PRO NETWORKING ADV ...

Dump the server as a gateway and get a cheap router(Linksys,Netgear,etc)cheap $29 to $49 bucks.

They are using DSL right? If it's dial up ,well they get what they pay for.

Go to a Novell dealer and have them install a free 5 user Small Biz server.

Going client server is heads and tails above P2P.

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by adrianoxx In reply to WIN XP PRO NETWORKING ADV ...

Hi, I would try and convice them to change their 3 clients OS to either 98 or an NT based version(NT Wokstation,2000 Pro, or XP Pro)since ME is famously unreliable even compared to 98. The next step is to use a cheap DSL router if they are connected through DSL(if they use a 56k phoneline modem then you might as well tell them to learn to live with the speed they have).

But if all this prooves not possible you should first use XP's internet connection shring wizard which shoud get you through alright and then configure the dial-up connection to dial if the line is dropped and dial upon remote request (all available in the dial-up connection properties dialog).

You should also consider keeping the XP machine on and connected to the net at all times, if you use a hub change it to a switch (this might address some speed issues) which may prevent the sudden loss of connections.

I have gut feeling though that your problems mainly exist because of WINME.

Good Luck


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by kimscomputing In reply to WIN XP PRO NETWORKING ADV ...

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