Win XP Pro Would Not Boot So I Did A Bad Thing.... HELP!

By larryc ·
Well, it was a LONG day fighting with PC's yesterday. It started with my own home built which has been giving me some USB problems and probably could use a W2000 re-install (been 3 years). After about 3 hrs of trying to get my 6 in 1 memory stick reader to work I decided it's bad hardware and moved on to the next project.

Somebody gave me 2 teenager PC's to clean virus/spyware/malware from and that's when the sh*t hit the fan. I probably should have just re-installed the OS (XP Home) but I normally enjoy the challenge of beating the bad guy. In this case, it was an eMachine FULL of dust bunnies which I blew out and had the system almost finished with updates of MS, AVG, Spybot & Adaware when it just shut down. It seemed to have a failed power supply so I changed it... Hit the on button and it appeared to start just fine but for the smell of something burning and smoke.... And, another one bites the dust! That makes 3 eMachines waiting for the dump. DRAT! Another 3 hrs shot to ****!

Moving on to the Dell Latitude.....
I'm no pro with XP, I use Win 2000 Pro in all my personal PC's and it suits me fine.. XP to me is simply a prettied up version.

This one is a bugger. Could not get the desktop to show any icons or the toolbars so I couldn't get "into" the OS. Did what I could via safe mode with anti-virus, regclean, etc. but just would not go. Then did the lazy man way of reinstalling the OS (XP Pro). Problem is, this is a second hand refurbed PIII with no OS-CD. I took my copy and assumed it would just replace the necessary files without having to re-enter the Product Key.... DOH! Now I remember why I avoid doing it! So, it's midway in the installation process and won't let me in via safe-mode to search the registry for it. I do have a laptop HDD adapter that will allow me to connect it as a slave to another PC if that'll help. Any ideas out there? I hate the thought of having to buy another OS for this fast approaching boat anchor. Remember, I've already had to tell them their beloved eMachine is toast.....
This can be a b*tch of a hobby...
I still blame Win9X for my gray!

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Well the bad news is that

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Win XP Pro Would Not Boot ...

This machine is so badly infected that it needs a clean install of the entire OS and the data backed up and saved somewhere off the HDD then wipe the drive with some wiping utility.

Now being a Dell NB there should be a COA stuck on the bottom of the NB with the product key and type of XP involved.

The good news is that you can use any XP Disc of the same type so if it's XP Home any Home version of XP will do and so on through the XP Range. The only real problem will come in getting the correct drivers for this model and you'll need to download these directly from Dell's web site and when you reactivate Ring M$ don't expect Internet Activation to work and just ask for an activation key.


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Actually, the REAL bad news is ......

by larryc In reply to Well the bad news is that

This Dell NB originally came loaded with M$ NT and there is no disk. I do have W2000 Pro and XP Home OEM so I suppose I'll need to buy another activation with a clean install unless somebody can tell me if and how to retrieve the key from the HDD.

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I could have if you hadn't tried a reinstall

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Actually, the REAL bad ne ...

But once that stage has been reached you are stuffed. BTW what was on the other box?

Maybe you could use that Product Key and just play dumb to M$. God only knows that I've done it often enough with HP Hardware as they all come with a Volume License Install and as XP Home doesn't and the owners loose the recovery CD's there isn't much of an option but to install off OEM Media and then when you go through the activation process plead dumb and say something about it being a HP Unit so it has to have legit Software on it.


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