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    win xp product key code


    by aab1961 ·

    lost windows xp product key do i get one

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      Depends on Retail or OEM version

      by thechas ·

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      In the US, getting a new product key for an existing copy of XP can be difficult.

      If your copy is an OEM version, you need to contact the computer manufacture that the copy of XP was bundled with.

      If you have a retail version (either upgrade or full) you can try contacting Microsoft and see if they will provide you with a key.

      If the installed copy of XP is running on a computer right now, and you need the key to reinstall XP, you can run a utility called Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder.

      It can usually retrieve the product key that was used to install Windows on a running computer.


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        What The Chas didn’t say here is

        by oh smeg ·

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        That when you ring M$ and ask for a replacement Product Key you need the M$ Branded Install Disc and they will ask you to read the Numbers off the inner ring.

        Of course this only works for M$ Branded Product not for Recovery Disc’s supplied with new computers as M$ didn’t make those Disc’s and doesn’t support them in the slightest.


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