Win XP reboots multiple times some times not starting at all !!!!!!!!

By jmg0033 ·
Hi, I was wondering if some one could help me please, the problem I am having is that my system each morning does not start untill it has rebooted itself anything from 1min to 4hrs all it does is boots up to windows is starting screen and then "click click" reset and away it goes again. I have formatted three times in one week problem still persists, I have cleaned the boeard RAM is good drives are good. have no idea what the cause could be please could some one help.

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Hardware Issue

by TheChas In reply to Win XP reboots multiple t ...

From what you have done, this almost has to be a hardware issue.

However, since you have done multiple clean installs, make SURE that you have all of the correct device drivers installed.
Most critical are the drivers for the chip-set on the motherboard, video card, and network adapters and modems.

Then, if you are certain that the drives and memory are fine, then the suspects are the power supply and the motherboard / CPU itself.

Check your CPU fan, it MUST spin easily by hand.

Take a close look at the capacitors near the CPU socket. (round cylindrical parts with silver colored tops) If there is any evidence of bulging or liquid leaking from them, you need to replace your motherboard.

If the motherboard looks good, I normally start with the power supply. Both because it is easy to change, and cheaper than the other hardware. Plus, I have had a run of bad supplies lately.

If it is not the power supply, carefully remove and reseat your RAM modules and plug in cards.


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replty to Chas

by jmg0033 In reply to Hardware Issue

nice one will try a new motherboard and let you know.

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