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    Win XP Registry Restore with Missing restore points


    by bigunclejohn ·

    Okay, system wouldn’t boot due to disk errors. Fixed disk, began using WinXP recovery & restore process, but when I got to the step requiring restore points, I only had folders RP0 and RP1 — all others were blank.

    Am I totally hosed? is the original registry completely gone?

    All the software is still there, as are all of the files, but NOTHING shows as installed.

    Does windows hide yet another copy of these files or do I have to start re-installing everything again?

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      by bigunclejohn ·

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      re: Restore missing….

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      You said “Fixed disk, began using WinXP recovery….”. If you had disk errors and tried to repair it, more than likely the area of the HDD that had errors on it was where it was storing your missing restore points (and probably some other stuff). If the fix was not actually able to move that data to another area of the HDD before it marked the sectors as bad, the data is lost.

      Guess you will need to re-install everything. And, you may well find that some of the data files (documents, pictures, etc…) are also missing.

      Even if you do get the system up and running, it’s not reliable. If it were me, I would replace the HDD right now before you loose it all, install Windows fresh on the new HDD and get it up to speed with all patches. Then later, after you’re reinstalled your other software, slave the old hard drive to the system and rescue your documents, emails, pictures, etc…

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