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win xp restarts on own

By richard ·
When my son is playing a game such as Rainbow 6, Ghost Recon or Ages of Empire at any given time the pc will just reboot on its own. I tried system restore and updates none of which seems to work, any thoughts as to what would cause this. This pc has a Amd 1800 processor 512mg ram 80 gig drive and a 256 mg vid card.

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by DouglasB In reply to win xp restarts on own

If the problem only happens when you are running these games I would suspect the drivers for the video card, have you tried updating those from the manufacturer's web site?

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by BFilmFan In reply to win xp restarts on own

In addition to updating the video card drivers, check Gamespot for any patches to the games themselves.

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by Oz_Media In reply to win xp restarts on own

This sounds like a graphics driver issue, but the restarts are because you have the default System Reboot on Error checked. Without it, the computer gives you a blus screen with the error message to track down.

Go to Control Panel>System>clikc the Advanced Tab and then click the Startup and Recovery Button.

You will see a box checked under on System Failure, that says automatically reboot, uncheck it and reboot. Now when you fire up a game and it crashes, you will get a BSOD and an error message you can Google (deja).

But as it is obviously some form of graphics issue, get the latest directX, latest manufacturers drivers.

GR is cool haven't played ot for a while now, I used to play it on a company network with about 4 or 5 employees all the time. What a riot. THe MODs have really gone downhill lately though, did that guy ever release the Maze map with the towers in the woods? That looked like a welcome winner.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to win xp restarts on own


Also make sure your power supply is capable of supplying enough power to the machine. Games really eat it up and if your power supply is not up to it, the machine will reboot.

Check out the technical discussions on the relevant games websites.

Good luck

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by glyall In reply to win xp restarts on own

if the other answers do not help
which them should then

**** out the inside of the PC
dirt and dust cause a heat build up
if not cleaned from time to time it will shorten the life of the PC

kid's room are the dirtist place inthe house

good luck

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by wlbowers In reply to win xp restarts on own

Next time it does it press F8 as it is booting. When the menu comes up select the dissable reboot on error.

The next time the machine throws an error it should blue screen and give you an error message.

With that message we can narrow it down.


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