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By Ralenm ·
It is my understanding that when Win XP is no linger supported all of the updated go away, even the ones that are currently available..
So is there a way to buy a CD/DVD with Windows XP, SP3, and all of the updates on it.. Or is there a way to build a CD/DVD that contains Win-XP and all of the updates..
I am not very experienced at this so keep it simple....Thanks Bob

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You have some options

by jqbecker In reply to Win-XP Support

You will need to make your own "slipstreamed" WindowsXP CD. This has been covered previously, her is a good article I used to make my own:

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You are incorrect

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Win-XP Support

The Updates Stop but Microsoft will have any that have been released for some time to come after April 2014.

As said elsewhere you can slipstream the Patches and Service Packs to a Install Disc along with the XP Drivers for your Hardware if you are so inclined.

You can use nLite to do this which I have found very easy to use and it's available free from here

You'll also need the directions which are available here


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Don't worry

by Slayer_ In reply to Win-XP Support

Even Windows 95 updates are still available on MS's website.
And Windows 98 auto update still works (sort of)

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XP Service Packs

by btljooz In reply to Win-XP Support

You can go to and download installation files of all three XP Service Packs to your desktop and then burn all three files to CD. Put the CD with your XP installation/recovery CDs for future use. Done.

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by laikeise Staff In reply to Win-XP Support
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Will XP product activation service be terminated too?

by chdchan In reply to Win-XP Support

If my WinXP can no longer be activated again upon support termination, how can I reinstall the OS?

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No it will not be shut down

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Will XP product activatio ...

It will be active for quite some time yet and after that MS has vowed to stop requiring the activation service on unsupported OS's.


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Also, though illegal...

by Slayer_ In reply to Win-XP Support

Once support stops, there is no reason you can't pretend to be a pirate.

I've had my legitimate XP machines suddenly be labeled as pirated by WGA.
So I learned how to get around it. This only works in XP.

Basically, after a fresh install, (BTW Pro doesn't require online activation, only Home edition) pick and choose your auto updates. Don't let it install WGA. It should try 3 times under 3 different updates.

Also a side note, reject Internet explorer 7 and go straight to 8. 8 crashes if 7 was installed first.

Once your missing WGA, you can't install updates from the website, but oddly Windows auto update from the computer keeps going happily.

When it comes to actually downloading something from MS's website, they often want to check WGA to see if your valid. Just scroll down the site, it's usually half hidden, find the redistributable version of what your downloading and get that, no WGA requirements.

I'd like to point out to mods that I am not encouraging illegal activity, I am just explaining what to do after MS decides to try and pull your pants down and take you from the rear.

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Slayer don't get me started on WGA for XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Also, though illegal...

It' been a disaster since it was introduced and should never be allowed on any XP System.

Back not so long ago if you turned off AutoUpdates because you only had Dialup Internet it would go 3 months and then turn a perfectly legal copy of XPERIA into a pirate as everyone had AutoUpdates turned on because it made things so much easier. Of course those with Dialup it also killed their ability to use the internet till the updates where downloaded and installed which in the case of small time users took about 6 weeks to download by which time the next months updates where starting the process all over again and it was pointless having an internet connection.

Of course the only fix was a clean install and not to install WGA for those customers. Microsoft didn't like it much but it was the only way you could keep those customers working.


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