Win XP Will Not Find 2nd Sata Drive

By texaspepper1040 ·
I have read all I can find here about Sata drive installs. Here is the issue I face.

Windows XP (SP-2)
Asus A8N-VM MB
C WD Sata (Working Fine for over a year)
Board has 2 Sata plugs

Added 2nd Sata 350G Drive WD3200KSRTL
Setup Drive with WD CD
Asus MB sees both drives as Sata 1 250G & 2 350G

Boots up as normal into Windows XP
Win XP WILL NOT SEE 2nd Sata Drive in Disk Management i.e. WILL NOT bring up Disk Wizard to add signature to the drive.

History: For over a year had a Maxtor 60G as the 2nd b/up drive running with the WD 250G Sata and had no problems.

Tried Raid setting on MB and this did not work.
Ideas? I am stumped on this one.

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Do you see the new drive in Device Manager?

by Absolutely In reply to Win XP Will Not Find 2nd ...

Did you uninstall/remove the old drive in Device Manager before physically removing it? If you find in Device Manager a drive with a yellow or red error indicator, you probably just need to uninstall it &, of course, reboot.

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Device Manager

by texaspepper1040 In reply to Do you see the new drive ...

New Sata does not show up in Device Manager nor are there any ? marks or red error indicator. Just shows drive C:\Sata_1 and the partition on the same drive \Sata_2. Did I uninstall/remove the old drive (Maxtor 60g)in Device Manager before physically removing it? Answer No I did not.

Last night updated the Bios from Asus. No help.

Used WD CD to make Sata 350g bootable by copying boot sector from Sata C No show in Disk Manager nor Device Manager.

Think about this. WinXP had no problem seeing the 1st Sata I partitioned and install with over a year ago. So, WinXP will see a Sata but not a 2nd Seta?

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probably the WD software

by Absolutely In reply to Device Manager

try formatting the new disk with a fdsik floppy.

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by Absolutely In reply to probably the WD software

not 'fdsik'

Obvious if you have used fdisk; not obvious, if you have not.

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Assign Drive Lettrer to 2nd SATA Drive

by wrye In reply to Win XP Will Not Find 2nd ...

Here is a fix posted previously in the forum.

Drive letters
Go into Controle panel-Administrative tools-Computer Managment-Disk Managment-then see if you can see the drive. You should be able to set up partitons on it or assign and assign drive letters.
Posted: 11/21/2008 @ 08:27 PM (PST)
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This worked for me....wr

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Couple of points

by IC-IT In reply to Assign Drive Lettrer to 2 ...

1. I am glad you are trying to help. Welcome.

2. The post is over a year old (zombie).

3. The OP looked in Disk Management first.

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