Win XPP - cannot boot from HD or CD

By rjk_is ·

I need assistance please. Here's the scenario from beginning to present:-

- I cannot boot past the Windows splash screen (also cannot boot into Safe Mode);

- After several attempts, this changed to a blue screen with an error message indicating a memory location;

- I tried booting from XP CD and was told that a previous upgrade attempt was interrupted and I proceeded to complete the upgrade;

- This failed after several attemtpts with either the origial error message or ones saying that a file could not be loaded (different files at different times)

- Eventually, after booting from CD and attempting to continue the upgrade, I received the error message that the Windows directory could not be found;

- I boot into Recovery Console and I see the Windows partition;

- After giving the PC a rest to do some research, I try to boot from CD again (to attempt a "fixmbr") and now I find that I cannot boot from CD either! I see "searching for boot record from CD" then the "Press any key to boot from CD" and when I do, the system re-boots once more;

- I disconnect the HD and attempt to boot from CD and the screen comes up garbled but I can see that it looks as if it is now booting off the disk;

- I did something (can't recall what) and try it again and now I see that its booting of the CD without a garbled screen,

- I reconnect the HD and I'm back to square one!

I don't have another PC to try the HD on; and I'm stuck as to how to proceed. I HAVE to rescue this HD. Has anyone ever enountered a problem like this before or has any ideas of how to proceed??


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Sounds bad

by Snuffy09 In reply to Win XPP - cannot boot fro ...

first, ID give up on trying to boot to this drive. If you need to salvage the data pick yourself up a IDE/SATA to USB converter, something like this... Then get a new drive and install windows on it. Plug the old drive in via usb and see what you can pull off.

Or try a bootdisk utility like Spinrite to recover bad sectors and lost data on your HD. I do not know of any that are free though, i think spinrite is like 50$-60$ but a good investment, same as the converter.

Good luck!

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by rjk_is In reply to Sounds bad

Thanks much, Mike.... yup, I gave up, got a used HD and made it the Master drive... just have to re-install all the progs now :-(

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No prob

by Snuffy09 In reply to Thanks!

I had a friend that had the same problem u are having. i had to put his drive in an external drive enclosure to salvage his data also

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RE: - This failed after several attemtpts with either the origial error

by OH Smeg In reply to Win XPP - cannot boot fro ...

This is Bad RAM or Incompatible RAM that suffers a Timing Issue.

If you have recently add some RAM remove it and attempt to reload Windows provided the RAM is OK it should now load.

If you haven't recently added any RAM you have one or more sticks gone off and they need to be tested and replaced as required. You can use Memtest from M$ to test them or you could download the Ultimate Boot CD available here

And do a Full Diagnostic of th Hardware in use here. This runs off a Bootable CD and doesn't require an OS to be installed.

Though you could just have badly Matched RAM involved here which would require removing all but 1 Stick of RAM while you reload the computer and then once Windows is Installed you can replace the remaining RAM. Quite often it will work OK once Windows is loaded but will cause a multitude of error messages about not being able to find different files while you attempt to load Windows.


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