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    Win10 File Explorer replacement

    by bluenite1 ·

    Although due to some properties use this program, I want to ask tips on how fully replace it. Total Commander file manager is OK, but for example, working with the home network is is unsatisfactory and complex. Needs a plugin for this(?). Or at least I can’t operate me. Does anyone know something about some “combination” of those progs? Thank you in advance for tips

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      I have to remember I’ve been using Windows since 1.0.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Win10 File Explorer replacement

      So I’m going to have to ask in what way the home network work is unsatisfactory.

      There are folk that DEMAND full drive access across Windows PCs and that is a discussion on its own but network shares are still setup while you are on each PC and then the rules about accounts etc. are still in full force.

      Why? Because of the clamor for better security! The old “Guest” account and what you could do along with full drive access is no more.

      Maybe Windows is not the OS you want here?

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      File manager

      by srichards233 ·

      In reply to Win10 File Explorer replacement

      The Windows File Manager is a great tool for almost anything you need, but if you are looking for something that is a total replacement then Total Commander being Shareware means you should read and understand the license fully.

      In earlier versions of Windows File Manager could often be a File Mangler and got that as a nickname, but in all honesty it works!

      If you are looking for a fancy file manager then I suggest you take a look at this one: (Moderator Note: URL removed as this can’t be checked for malware or worse. If you do supply apps, use app stores or open source content.)

      If is free, works really well and provides tick boxes to perform things like zipping files or overwriting files etc.

      Personally, I would suggest that you keep using Windows File Manager and just practice using standard windows shortcuts to improve your use of File Manager.

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