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    Win200 and WinXP


    by geof ·

    I am using win 2000 server and I have 4 computers on my network that run winXP. The rest are win 98 2nd ed. Those four computers (winXP) can be logged into fine. but no one else on the network can acdess those 4 computers except administrator.
    ALL the other clients are working fine

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      XP security defaults to lockout

      by drdean ·

      In reply to Win200 and WinXP

      To open up security on XP Pro, go to Win Explorer and select Tools>Folder Options>
      View and go to the bottom of the Advanced list and uncheck Simple File Sharing.
      This will make a Security Tab appear on folder Properties. Add Everyone to the security list if necessary and turn on Read and/or Write.
      XP has two “special” folders which it REALLY protects: Program Files and Windows. You can turn off Read Only but XP puts it right back!

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