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    Win2000 and Wireless


    by lwilson ·

    Recently I have converted a Lab of 20 PCs to Win2000 from Win98. This Lab is a wireless lab with 2 wireless hubs. Under Win98 the speed was as fast as a hard wired lab. The only change is to update to Win2000. Now the performance of the PCs is terrible to the point of being unusable. I am considering hard wiring the lab to retrieve performance.I have a valid reason for wanting to retain the wireless infrastructure.

    Can anyone suggest any config changes to Win2000 that will give it the performance of Win98?

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      Reply To: Win2000 and Wireless

      by kevin203 ·

      In reply to Win2000 and Wireless

      Do you realise that Win2000 had a log file under control panel > administrative tools > event viewer that win98 don’t? If this file is full then it will slow down your machine perfomance.
      Otherwise, check for ‘systems’ error ID and find out what is wrong to all your machine.

      Hope this will help…

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