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    Win2000/Exchange 2K White Papers/Guides


    by xpertdragon ·

    I am looking for Well written and informative guides or white papers on setting up Windows 2000 from scratch to WOrk with Exchange 2000. I am interesting in something that can help someone setup Windows2000 with ideal security settings, and immediatly move onto setting up Exchange 2000 from scatch, or with the ability to import mailboxes and users. I am already aware of the resources that this site has to offer as well as, and want to go beyond that perspective.

    I am also interested in Guides/White Papers (doesn’t matter how lengthy) on setting up, configuring, and securing a VPN Box and Firewall, preferably within a Linux setting. a VPN Linux Box and a Firewall Linux Box.

    Thank you for all your help. I appreciate the direct link pasting right into the response box. Everyone who participates in this Question will get points. Thank you.

    Paul Chavez

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