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Win2000 - HELP

By Pattie Maier ·
Hubby has a Thinkpad 600, had Win98 on it, there were issues, I installed 95 over which had problems, but worked. We have Win2000 Professional I thought would fix errors I had made before.

Will not set up, will not allow me to see a c prompt so I can look for an uninstall or reinstall Win98.

Error in set up is always BIOS etc.

PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS OFF MY SYSTEM! I can be reached via or icq 34495249. Notepad is used for financial information, yes I have SOME backup not all.....

Thanks for your help.........

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by clearsmashdrop In reply to Win2000 - HELP

Thinkpads come with Recovery CD roms which will reimage the machine back to factory specs. Have you tried this?

Also, have you tried completely wiping the drive clean and starting with a new parition.

IBM is pretty good about posting all the drivers from Thinkpads on their website.
Make sure if you dont have the recover CD you get all of those too.

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If No Recovery CD then...

by freddo frog In reply to Thinkpad

If you don't have the recovery CD, get a Win98 boot floppy, boot the system from it, run fdisk.exe. Follow the options to delete a partition then create a new partition, exit the program, reboot the system & you should be able to reinstall Win98 (ifthat's what you want). If you want step by step instructions you can email me at

If you do want to reinstall W2K then if you check the IBM website, the following link lists where to obtain BIOS updates, drivers etc for Win2K on IBM Thinkpad notebooks.


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by Pattie Maier In reply to If No Recovery CD then...

Well, my thoughts exactly, except again I do not have Win98. I will get in contact with you to run some ideas by you, I can't actually do more damage at this point since I can't even get to a prompt mode..... Thanks for reply and the chuckle.....

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No Recovery CD

by Pattie Maier In reply to Thinkpad

Thanks, I did ask him why he did not have one of those! Of course, I should have checked before I proceeded. Thanks, I have been looking at the IBM site for more information. I appreciate the reply.

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by steve.fall In reply to No Recovery CD

IBM should be able to supply you with a recovery CD. I know you can downoad the recovery startup disks for IBM.

Contact your reseller and enquire about the recovery disk.

Hope this assists

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