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    Win2000 MSCE


    by wolf_e ·

    Wondering if anyone has taking the Win2000 MSCE classes.

    I plan on starting classes at Ikon for Win2000. Looking for some help.

    Where from & are they helping you wit hyour Win2000 Administration & understanding?

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      Waiting for SP for the MOC

      by bearded_wonder ·

      In reply to Win2000 MSCE

      I purchased the W2k MS Official curriculum set to self study. Afer reviewing the MOC it is obvious that the OS isn’t the only MS product in need of “service packs” to be fully functional. If you are attending classes built around the MOC make surethe instructor can (and does) fill in the holes in the courseware.

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      Reply To: Win2000 MSCE

      by ahevans ·

      In reply to Win2000 MSCE

      Contact me via ICQ 1800207, or finished it can help u significantly……….

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