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Win2000 Server on PE SC420???

By IT_Lobo ·
How do I install Win2000 Server on a PE SC420? I tried using the Server Installation disk, but it only supports Win Server 2003.

It has on board Raid. I tried disabling it to get it to work, but when I try to install Win2000 Server (from the CD, not using the Dell Server installation disk) it does not find any hard drives.

I have tried repartitioning the drives but that does not work either.

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by curlergirl In reply to Win2000 Server on PE SC42 ...

What level of RAID are you using? You would have to configure the RAID array first, using the utilities provided by Dell (on the server installation CD). Then, you would also have to create a driver installation diskette (also from the Server installation CD) containing the RAID drivers for the Dell array controller. Then, when you install the OS, you have to press F6 to install the 3rd party controller drivers at the beginning of the installation - there is a screen message telling you when to do this during the initial loading of the Win2K installation CD.

Hope this helps!

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by CG IT In reply to Win2000 Server on PE SC42 ...

how are the drives configured? are they connected to the RAID controller or the IDE controllers?

If your using the RAID or SATA controllers, you have to create the RAID array first. If your drives are connected to the RAID controllers or SATA controllers and you disable the on onboard RAID, AND do not have a drive connected to the IDE controllers the BIOS will report that there are no hard drives available.

Try setting up your RAID array first, then set the boot order to boot SCSI [which is what Windows will see the SATA or RAID array as], insert your Windows CD and try that. If you boot and windows asks if you have mass storage drivers to install press F6, do so and install the SATA/RAID controller drivers from the floppy disk you got or create on by getting the drivers from DElls support download section.

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by CG IT In reply to

Dell assumes that when you buy their server with an O/S installed, that you will also have their warranty tech support. They provide you with their OEM recover CD should problems arise. If you bought their Dimension without an O/S installed they should have given you all the manuals including those for the SATA or RAID controller. they are also available in PDF format from their support site.

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by IT_Lobo In reply to

I got it to work just as you said. I found the answer by some heavy searching. Now I just have to load the drivers. Might have to add a new NIC, but that is a small price to pay.

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by IT_Lobo In reply to Win2000 Server on PE SC42 ...

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