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Win2000/XP Home dual boot

By rezrider ·
My question I don't think has anything to do with dual booting. I have a friend with XP Home and Win2000 set up dual. It worked fine for many months then he purchased a new sound card that requires SP1 on the XP side. He tried to download SP1 with many problems during installation. It finally downloaded but then when it went to restart it just reboots in a loop and takes you back to the page that says press F1 to continue. Over and over again. I already tried to put in the XP disc and repair the installation but every time you get to the windows is starting page the machine just shuts down. This is a real doozy if anyone has any ideas please help. Thanks

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by w2ktechman In reply to Win2000/XP Home dual boot

try safe mode, does it still reboot?
Will it boot to the Win2k installation?
Is the boot.ini set correctly, or was it altered?
If the sound card is removed, does the problem continue?

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by cglrcng In reply to Win2000/XP Home dual boot

Sounds like Sasser worm infection (or Blaster Worm)....Is this problem very recent? If so, look @ this question for the removal procedure.

Good Luck.

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by cglrcng In reply to

I will warn you, that worm is not only nasty, but the infection can survive even a correctly done reformat...After doing so on 2 machines 2 months ago or more, I ran the removal too (Sasser removal tool from Symantec), and it found the renamed files deep on the drive on both machines I finally gave up on cleaning back in February. So, your best bet is to be persistant until you can get past the restart loop, then clean the worm out correctly. Then close all those RPC & DCOM ports as this one like blaster is mutating endlessly it appears. Then install a good firewall in addition or instead of MS's pc of junk default firewall (ZA free shows many hits right away on installation which tells me all I need to know about the MS XP firewall...I do run both w/ no problems).

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by cglrcng In reply to

If Sasser is running Safe Mode will not be reached in most cases until the Auto restart is shutoff at least. Lemme tell ya, I tried repeatedly.

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by p.sigley In reply to Win2000/XP Home dual boot

are the two windows installs on the same partition? if not then can one be booted? repartition and reintall missing os onto new volume. Does he really need 2k and xp? will one or the other do? seems like unnecessary hassle dual booting these two OSs

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