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Win2003 AD Remote Replication

By Basher ·
I have a client that had 2 DCs in the same domain,, replicating AD. They moved one DC to NY and the other DC to CA. Currently the sites are connected via IPSec VPN and each domain can ping each other. But it appears that all replication partners have been removed. So neither server seems to know about each other, other than having a (A) record for each.

My question is how would one go about re-establishing AD replication between these two??. On one server I am receiving this AD message:
Ownership of the following FSMO role is set to a server which is deleted or does not exist.

Operations which require contacting a FSMO operation master will fail until this condition is corrected.

It would seem that these are being treated as two different domains right now, but they are both under

Your advice is very much welcome!


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by CG IT In reply to Win2003 AD Remote Replica ...

if they were both on the same subnet to begin with and you moved them to different subnets [sites], you have to create a site and site link in Active Directory Sites and Services, then associate the site to their respective subnets. Assign a cost to the site link or schedule replication according to your bandwidth utilization on the links.

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by CG IT In reply to
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by Basher In reply to Win2003 AD Remote Replica ...

How do I handle the FSMO roles, it appears that the main DC at each location has the FSMO roles assigned to it. By replicating these sites, do I need to seize the roles from one server so only one DC has FSMO roles? I have created a site, subnet and site link for each location, but have not seen any replication take place.

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