Win2003 Server and Group Policy question - user vs computer

By bryan ·
Hello all!

My question is this:

I have a Windows 2003 domain and approx 200 XP machines. Most are XP SP3 but some are SP2.

How, adding the Group policy works, I can apply the policy to the machines based on the user login.

My problem is, I want to set a few machines to different permissions, based on the computer name, and to ignore who logs into the specified computer.

I have 3 groups. 1 General, 1 Excempt and 1 Limited.

So, General is based on 'authenticated users'. Excempt is based on login name and the 3 computers I want to excempt. The limited is based on login.

All work but excempt (for computer name, user name works). The excempt group pulls the General policy, because of the 'authenticated user' setting I guess.

How to overide the 3 machines I have in excempt, and to ignore the user logged in policy?

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