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Win2003 Srv + XP + Win95/98/ME

By daimon ·
I'm not sure if it's simply a problem with compatible machines or what, but I've recently taken possession of a new server for the company which is running Win2003 Server Enterprise Edition. (old server is Win2000).
My XP workstation and XP Notebook are working fine on the new network, but the older machines will not recognise it or find it, I've tried all possible network configurations with no positive outcome, they just won't connect.
I've discussed with the director about upgrading all the machines to XP (which involves considerable hardware upgrades) but at this point it is too expensive to consider.

Is there some particular setting which I have missed in Win95/98/ME which could affect this, or possibly Win2003? Is Win2003 compatible with older versions of Windows for networking? (I'm presuming it is, but why can't they see it or connect to it?)

I've attempted NT Domain login etc, but the workstations won't even see the server let alone the domain?

What have I done wrong?

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by ChrisDent In reply to Win2003 Srv + XP + Win95/ ...

This is the most likely cause I can think of.

What mode is your domain running in?

To find this out open up Active Directory Domains and Trusts, right click on your domain object and open Properties and check the Domain Functional Level.

If this is set to Mixed then your 9x machines should be able to see the domain. If set to Native then I'm not sure if any pre-Windows 2000 machine can be a part of the domain.

Unfortunately its a bit of a tricky theory for me to test out without perhaps upsetting some of my users

Obviously the usual tests are assumed when trouble-shooting this problem. IP addresses, pinging network devices etc etc etc.

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by daimon In reply to

Thanks for the suggestions, the domain is running in "mixed" mode. Unfortunately, I still can't get the Win95/98/ME machines to connect to it.

However, now I can add that my XP Laptop has dropped out of sight and hasn't been able to connect, but the XP desktop is having no problems (both have the exact same settings).

Any more ideas?

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by free_man032001 In reply to Win2003 Srv + XP + Win95/ ...

Did you check your event viewer?

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by daimon In reply to

Nothing seems to be unusual in it... I looked through just about everything... even did a restart of the machine to just make sure that I didn't overlook something...

But I did get the Laptop back online... now only the older machines.... I think it's time to upgrade although I don't like WinME it might be a little more workable for a 2003 network than 95/98.
I would prefer to XP the lot, but most of these computers are old...

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by -Q-240248 In reply to Win2003 Srv + XP + Win95/ ...

Check your "workgroup" name and be sure it is the same as the AD/Domain name.

Then try to ping the server by IP address, and if it don't ping, you have other problems..Such as addressing problems. All systems should be on same subnet/mask, assuming you're working on a LAN.

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by daimon In reply to

Hi Q,

Yes, the workgroup name and domain name are the same. Tried pinging the server. This is possible from the Win98 machines, but it won't recognise the server/XP workstations and cannot connect/see them at all.

I'm beginning to think that XP/2003 are incompatible with older versions of windows. Currently I don't have a WinME machine which is usable. Does anyone have experience with WinME on a Win2003Svr?

I have considered NT4.0 workstation, but I am pretty sure that if 98 isn't compatible then NT4 won't be either. Does anyone know if this is right or not???

At present I'm replacing all the Cat5 in the building to remove a few other intermittent problems (ie it works then it doesn't symptoms - which we tracked to the cabling). So now I'm figuring my only problems must be OS compatabilities.

Ok, so lets see if anyone else can give me some ideas, or ask me more questions regarding this...!


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by daimon In reply to Win2003 Srv + XP + Win95/ ...

Point value changed by question poster.

Lets see if we can get a definative answer... each day I'll see about whether or not to raise the points scale until I either get bored and close the question, I run out of points, OR I get a definative answer which will solve the problem.. :)

Ok, I'm ready for more questions on this problem, I want to work this out and get my older comps back onto the new network... then we can progress!

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by Rasman In reply to Win2003 Srv + XP + Win95/ ...

It sound like your having a Wins related problem. Assuming that your running DHCP Set a server option that points to the Wins Server.
Configure the Lmhosts file to point to the Wins Server.
Use Netmon to trap traffic between server and host. That will help you understand the issue.

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