Win2003 with RRAS and OpenVPN

By Blinkiz ·
Am trying to get OpenVPN 2.0 rc20 to work on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server. OpenVPN connect alright and the logs is all fine. But no traffic can be sent over this line. Is like a firewall is restricting the traffic.

On the server, RRAS is active. Trying to configure Windows Firewall and it says it's not possible because NAT is active.

The server has one network card if I remember correctly. Network interface has an internal IP number given by a dlink router.

How should I start to troubleshoot this issue?

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OpenVPN needs to be started before RRAS

by Blinkiz In reply to Win2003 with RRAS and Ope ...

Okay, I seems like this problem is because RRAS is started before OpenVPN and is not letting OpenVPN add is routes correctly.

One solution (that I have not tested) is to script this below every time windows starts.
net stop RemoteAccess
net stop OpenVPNService
net start OpenVPNService
ping -n 10
net start RemoteAccess

I normally only work with Linux OS, so I do not know how to script this under Windows and I do not know where to put it, so it starts every time before login. Can anyone help me with this?

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