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Win2K and Automated ERD's

By jfisk ·
I want to run automated ERD's on some windows 2K machines, and I have run into a few problems, so I have a couple of questions:

1. Is a system state backup better that an ERD or is it the same?

2. Does anyone know how to do a silent ERD likein NT with the "rdisk /s-"?

I know that W2K has ntbackup to handle Sch. backups but it doesn't seem to have the ability to do ERD's.

B.T.W. The goal here is to have a batch file that makes an "ERD" on the Hard drive and then copy if off to theserver, for it can get backed-up nightly.
Thanks in advance

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Win2K and Automated ERD's

by jesselou In reply to Win2K and Automated ERD's

a system state backup will restore your entire system files while your erd will only repair your damaged or corrupted system files which is the cause of most bootup problems.
the w2k backup utility will prepare your erd read the documentation and you will find the answer.

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Win2K and Automated ERD's

by jfisk In reply to Win2K and Automated ERD's
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Win2K and Automated ERD's

by wayne.maples In reply to Win2K and Automated ERD's

The ERDs are created by backup program, not by rdisk.exe. The Windows 2000 ERD does not include registry hives. Microsoft's position is that there is simply not enough space on commonly available removable media. When you update the w2k erd, the registry files are copied to %systemroot%\Repair\Regback. Potential gotcha! for NT gurus: unlike
Windows NT, the w2k Repair directory only contains the original installation hives only. Updated hives go to Repair\Regback. The registry files are only updated when you run ntbackup with the backup system state data option.

If one could schedule the ntbackup of system state data, then you could backup to a server the various regback folders. I am just starting to look at this issue.

If ntbackup has a commandline version, NT version did, you may still be able to do what you want. I am away from the office. But go to a commandline and type

ntbackup /? and see which options are available.


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Win2K and Automated ERD's

by jfisk In reply to Win2K and Automated ERD's

This helps, ntbackup does have command line version, maybe it is best to schedule the system state backup and then run a batch file to copy the repair directory to a server.

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