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Win2k Browse issues

By Chris.. ·

I have a three site Win2k server environment connected via Firewall VPN WAN links (can't afford point to point lines) each site has at least 2 Domain Controllers. The issue is that intermittantly the browsing for one site or the other fails to see the other two.

We are able to connect to resources via UNC pathing using the Machine Name and or IP but you cannot browse to them. This isn't too much of an issue execpt that when you do a search for a resource such as printers or specific shares it just don't wanna work.

I'm fine with living with this but my users can't seem to remember where their resources live if it isn't mapped for them. Thus I spend a lot of time during these browse failures helping people UNC map to the resource. Thus I am out of my office, and dealing with cranky users.


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by Chris.. In reply to Win2k Browse issues

OK, one of the servers on one of the networks does not report a master browser (found this out using the browstat.exe command) so I've added the reg entry for solving that portion of the issue and will be rebooting later tonight to test.

Another funny thing I noticed while dorking around with this browscon.exe tool from MS is that the sites can see each other in the following order:

Site A to Site D can both see all systems via a Network browse but cannont see systems at site V dispite being able to resolve the names and IP's

Site V (the trouble maker) can see both sites A and D just fine but does not seem to have a automatically configured Master Browser.

So in the end here I have also loaded WINS on to all servers hoping that with this archaic resolver service available that they will all start playing nicely...

In closing I'd like to thank MS for lying to us about not needing WINS and NetBIOS after migrating to WIN2k AD.

ppppllllbbbbbbbbbttttttt on MS

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