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Win2K Cannot Read Hard Drive

By dave422x ·
Hi people

I have a 60GB drive partitioned into three 20GB chunks. All partitions have data that I want to keep & use on them. I hooked up the drive to my latest-built Win2K machine, and the only addition to My Computer is a single drive F: ( and E: are CD & DVD) which "is not formatted do I want to format it now?".

Natch I don't want to format the thing! Why can't Win2K read this drive?

Linux reads it fine, and I just did a litle test with a bootable Win98CD - all partitions are readable just fine! :-/

Any ideas? The partitions were created initially under fdisk and used extensively under Win2K *only* (albeit on a different machine).

Many TIA


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by ManISKid In reply to Win2K Cannot Read Hard Dr ...

So when you hooked up the drive to the other computer, did you run anything like the sysprep utility on the old system to remove the pointers to the old hardware? What I think is happening is that the boot files that recognise the different partitions has not been created by the setup program and hence windows does not recognise them.

I would run the sysprep utility and install the harddisk into the new machine.

You might succeed if you go to disk management and initialise the disks. Right click 'my computer' on the desktop and click 'manage'

You may also want to get another drive (something small and cheap) and install windows, then put the other harddrive in as a slave.

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to Win2K Cannot Read Hard Dr ...

just a quick question, is your drive ntfs? or fat32? might be worth checking, u might need to mount the drive manually before win2k will see it

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by dave422x In reply to Win2K Cannot Read Hard Dr ...

hi guys, thanks for your replies...

here's what I did:

had a Win2K box, bought a new drive for storage (for an emigration!), fdisked it then formatted it (FAT32) with the version of DOS that lives on the Win98 CD. Then used my three partitions quite happily.

Now in my new location I have a Win98 box that can see all partitions fine, and a Win2K box that can only see one of the partitions and also thinks it's not formatted. If, however, I boot into that Win98 CD's version of DOS I can read all three partitions fine (albeit with the filena~1 filena~2 etc filename stucture).

Again, many thanks in advance for any help you can offer


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