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Win2k clustering NIC failover question

By peter.berger@genexsrvcs ·
Hi all, Need best practice/correct answer for a Win2k clustered server. The machine currently has 2 NICs w/ seperate IP's. One NIC is disabled and one is the active primary. When we pull the CAT5 cable on the primary active NIC for failover it takes 5 minutes to activate the 2nd NIC and start using this. I was told this was the correct method of failover.?

If I set each machine up with BOTH NICs active in parallel failover mode, pulling a CAT5 results in instant failover to the other activeNIC. I was told that even though downtime is almost zero this is not correct?

This sounds all wrong. Can someone out there please let me know the correct way to cluster this machine and provide ultimate failover capabilities. Mucho gracias...

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Win2k clustering NIC failover question

by Pan 13 x In reply to Win2k clustering NIC fail ...

the best solution I has found with clustering NIC's , Intel has a very nic option. load balance the nic's. configure the netcards to share the ip. if one fails the other picks right up. if you have two Networks switchs and one of those fails. The nics can connect one each. if it fails the comnputer is still up. the program is Proset II. clustering is much torwards two computers not really to network cards.
Teams the NICs and assign the virtual teamed connection on ip. and forget about it. I have used this on every server I have. I have lost switches , cards and cut cables. My network has never lost a beat.....

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I ended up configuring the 1 NIC to be the LAN NIC and the other NIC on a 10.x LAN to be the heartbeat LAN with the other cluster server. Thanks for the tips/info. :)

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