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Win2k command prompt switches/options

By butchkn ·
Is there a listing somewhere (and if so where) of differant keyboard functions/actions, like using the north/south cursur keys to recall previous commands.

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Win2k command prompt switches/options

by Ann777 In reply to Win2k command prompt swit ...

Edits command lines, recalls command lines, and creates macros

DOSKEY [/switch ...] [macroname=[text]]

/BUFSIZE:size Sets size of macro and command buffer (default:512)
/ECHO:on|off nables/disables echo of macro expansions (default:on)
/FILE:file Specifies file containing a list of macros
/HISTORY Displays all commands stored in memory
/INSERT Inserts new characters into line when typing
/KEYSIZE:size Sets size of keyboard type-ahead buffer (default:15)
/LINE:size Sets maximum size of line edit buffer (default:12
/MACROS Displays all DOSKey macros
/OVERSTRIKE Overwrites new characters onto line when typing (default)
/REINSTALL Installs a new copy of DOSKey
macroname Specifies a name for a macro you create
text Specifies commands you want to assign to the macro

UP,DOWN arrows recall commands
Esc clears current command
F7 displays command history
Alt+F7 clears command history
[chars]F8 searches for command beginning with [chars]
F9 selects a command by number
Alt+F10 clears macro definitions

The following are special codes you can use in DOSKey macro definitions:

$T Command separator: allows multiple commands in amacro
$1-$9 Batch parameters: equivalent to %1-%9 in batch programs
$* Symbol replaced by everything following macro name on the command line


doskey - This would install doskey to allow you to press the up or down command to see history, or right or left to retype previous command.

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Win2k command prompt switches/options

by Ann777 In reply to Win2k command prompt swit ...

All of the above assumes that you are running DOSKEY.EXE from c:\winnt\system32 (Windows 2000) -- there are other downloadable versions of programs similar to MS Windows' "Doskey" program that may have a similar syntax but a whole other slew of additional options.

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