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Win2k DC's to Two NEW 2003 DC's

By doepain ·
Hi everyone I just wanted a little advice from my peers regarding this project I am about to start, and before I do I want to be sure I have most if not ALL the angles covered.

I started a new job, and they are hurting as far as infustructure goes, we have a poweredge 1750 running DNS, DC, DHCP, and Exchange. My plan is to get two identical DL360's qith single proc, and two 72gb drives each, and build them both as Backup Domain-controllers running Windows 2003 Server. hen I will transfer all of the FSMO roles on to this newer DC's, and then DCPromo the older one out of the picture.

Easier said then done, or what?

Any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance

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by Joshua1 In reply to Win2k DC's to Two NEW 200 ...

As far as an overview I'd says that's accurate. But the devil's in the details!
Exchange & DC on same box: I would check for specific issues related to demoting a DC running Exchange - it seems that I've come across several articles discussing various issues when Exchange is on a DC. Try to pretend you're having a demotion problem and see what you turn up - that has helped me avoid some 'gotchas'. I'd split 'phase 1' (new w2k3 DC's) and 'phase 2' (demote w2k) apart by about a week.

ADPrep: You've got forestprep and domainprep planned? That will run from the w2k3 disc a couple of hours in advance (you can do it well in advance, too). If you're upgrading Exchange, then you also run these switches from the Exchange CD.

GC: If you're doing this all at once: After you tell your new DC's to be GC's, be sure to re-start them and give them time to transfer everything before moving to demotion of your old server.

Recovery: Be sure you know the Recovery Console password. If you don't, you'll need to reset it before you take the box down. I don't remember the process, but there's a KB out there on it. If you use a 3rd party backup, I'd recommend in this case also scheduling a Windows-based backup to have around (especially system state and inf store).

There are a couple of KB articles on moving the DHCP DB from one server to another.

HW: I would push for the extra $ to have a dual proc machine - for fault tolerance purposes. Also wanted to make sure you use RAID 1 for tolerance on your drives.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Win2k DC's to Two NEW 200 ...

Just an addition to the last comment, I would splurge for a RAID5 hardware controller if not already onboard and 2 more disks for a total of 4 disks permachine. 3 for the raid array and one for the hot swap, if these are critial servers and they sound like it (exchange, dns, dhcp etc.) The extra 500 or so per machine is well worth it if a disk goes belly up.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to

Should be "extra $500".

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