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    Win2K Domain Access


    by paulambar ·

    Hi Everyone:

    If there is anyone that can help with this stange and unusual question I’d appreciate it.

    I have a Win 2000 server (Server1), Win 2000 Domain Controller (Server2), 10/100 Switch and a bunch of Win ME work stations. All these devices are connected to the same switch. I am using the same Subnet. I do have DHCP active.

    When a Win ME or 98 work station logs on to the Domain on server2 I gain accees to the files on server two. I am able to see Server1 but unable to gain access to any of the files. In the MY COMPUTER properties of server1, it has a check next the Domain and the name of the domain. Does this automatically mean that server1’s files will be available as long as the shares are in place.

    In My Network Palces I see server1 when I click on it I am unable to gain access to any of the shared folders.

    I guess I want to make server1 part of the domain. Do I make it an additional domain controller or a child domain controller.

    Bottom line I would like my Win Me or 98 or Win2K work stations to log on to the Domain and gain access to any shared files within that network regardless of the server it is located in.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.



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