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win2k domain/dns server setup

By westonmoore ·
i have a computer running win2k advanced server which is setup as the domain controller w/ a internic registered domain and is also running a primary dns server. internic is looking to me as primary and secondary server and no secondary dns server exists yet. on a computer on a diff network also running advanced server id like to setup the secondary dns server. this 2nd computer pass tests as a primary controller but is unable to copy the dns info from the first via ip lookup - despite being able to ping it. does it have to be on the domain? i have selected to allow any computer to copy the dns info... subquestion: i have other computers on the network i want to connect to the domain but they are unable to locate it, i think this is because they are attempting to find the domain via dns - and there exists no secondary presently. what sequence do these need to be setup in?

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win2k domain/dns server setup

by TedBovis In reply to win2k domain/dns server s ...

Here's one thing to try/check, the names will be resolved using DNS and if you havent yet set-up the second machine as a secondary site then the lookup will fail, change the second machines prefered DNS server to the primary server and type ipconfig/registerdns at the cmd prompt, you will then see the ipadress and host name of the second server appear on the primary dns server, then setup the zone transfer on the second machine and transfer from the master, double check that the allow zone transfer is enabled as this tends to disable itself when adding new servers, with the zone(s) transfered you can then set the prefered dns server back to itself. I've missed a few steps as the process is a pain and without running through all the options I can't remember them off the top of me head, hope this helps a little though.

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win2k domain/dns server setup

by westonmoore In reply to win2k domain/dns server s ...

i think you understand the nature of the problem but this actually didnt work. i am reasking the question, if you would clarify id love to assign the points - i would have emailed you but its not in your username... when i setup the primary dns server as the dns lookup on the secondary server, its fails to dns lookup unless it has a secondary to fall back on... after typing ipconfig /registerdns i was unable to transfer zone data in either direction... i also was unable to see the 2nd ip adrress anywhere in the primary dns either - it appears my 2nd cant connect with the first despite being able to ping it. i think ive tried every combination of setting on the primary to allow the 2nd to transfer zone data. but the dns servers refuse to talk with each other. since this is a prerequisite to setting up a domain apparentyl it doesnt look like ill be making any progress until i get this worked out. if you respond id be happy to award half points for the clarification. thanks.

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