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Win2K HD error

By radioastrogeek ·
Has anyone run accross this. I have a computer running Windows 2000. For what seems like no good reason at all the HD freespace has changed. It's a 10 Gig HD and if I open My computer and click on C: the freespace shows 1 MB. When I click off of it and back onto it It deincrements by 30 KB or so, untill the freespace shows 0. then it resets itself to 1 MB.

I thought and still think it's a virus. However, Norton, McAffee, and Trend Micro with the latest definitions, do not find anything.I set it up as a slave on another computer and ran the scanners again and still no virus. What am I missing or what do I need to change in order to fix it? It's the BIG MAN's computer.



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by Oz_Media In reply to Win2K HD error

Many AV scanners won't find newer trojans, also I find that AVG Free antivirus usually picks up more than the Norton or McAffee stuff. You can down a free copy at , it is MUCH mroe resourceful and doesn't interrupt system processes the way the other retail software does.
I have a Win2KPro notebook and have never seen this so I can't offer experienced help. I think you're right in thinking you have a virus or trojan. I took a brief look at (try there too) and there are hundreds of similar problems but non quite as mysterious as yours.

Please let us know if you resolve the issue and what the cause was.

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Temp files

by timwalsh In reply to Win2K HD error

Did the amount of freespace drastically change suddenly or has it lessened over time?

Windows creates and deletes (literally) dozens of temporary files during the course of a normal session. This is a normal part of Windows behavior. This is why you see the available freespace fluctuate.

Sometimes, if a process ends abnormally, the temp files associated with it will not get deleted and will build up over time. I have seen some computers with thousands of undeleted temporary files taking up several hundred MBs of space (because the user wasn't aware of the problem)

Recommendation 1: Search the drive for orphaned temp files that can be deleted (or run the Disk Cleanup Wizard). This will free up enough space to contimue operation normally.

BIG recommendation 2 (to save the BIG MAN's data, and possibly YOUR job): spend the money to get the BIG MAN a larger hard drive. If it's to the point where you regularly see available freespace in the single digit MB (or less) range, it's only a matter of time before Windows crashes (due to the inabaility to create temporary files) and the BIG MAN loses important data (of course it will be YOUR fault - at least in his mind).

Hope this helps.

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A few questions...

by jmcorn01 In reply to Win2K HD error

How is the pagefile (swapfile) set up? Is it configured for a specific amount of disk space or is it variable? Microsoft "quietly" recommends that the swapfile space be permanently set at 2X the amount of RAM for most cases. Some instances (like AutoCad users) will require more swap space. In case you don't know, you can set the size of the swap space by right-clicking on My Computer, then select Properties. Select the Advanced tab and click on the Performance Options.. button. The lower half of the dialog box refers to Virtual memory. Click the Change button.. Now set the Initial size value and the Maximum size value to the calculated value 2x Ram size. Click the Set button. You will have to reboot. Now perform the same experiment to see if your free space continues to change.

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by radioastrogeek In reply to Win2K HD error

Well we decided to start over and get a new HD. I'll be looking into it morein my spare time, which is little. When I find the real problem I'll post my fincings.


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by pctech In reply to Solution

A larger hard drive should solve your problem. I strongly suspect the drive is simply out of space and the free space fluxuations you are seeing is the result of the swapfile-pagefile adjusting to it's needed space.

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