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Win2k Locked start button

By n3voc ·
In the past month I have had 3 users, all in the same department/OU who are experiencing a locked Start Button. The only way I have found to repair the problem is re-building their profiles from scratch. Any thoughts on a cause or less drastic repair? Win2K-SP4.

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by rickrbyrne In reply to Win2k Locked start button


Do you have a policy on their systems or in the domain that is restricting the users on shutting down their computers.


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by n3voc In reply to


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by master3bs In reply to Win2k Locked start button

Possible fix:

Go to the registry key [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{5b4dae26-b807-11d0-9815-00c04fd91972}]

Rename the key by placing a dash "-" in front of the GUID (i.e. {-5b4dae26-b807-11d0-9815-00c04fd91972})

As always its a good idea to backup your registry before making any changes.

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by n3voc In reply to

This is a profile related issue, not a local machine issue. The problem follows the user.

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by spidershrek In reply to Win2k Locked start button

Question? Are the profiles create on the pc or roaming.

Note. If you have not recieved the same error in any other department. There might be a problem complicting between an application and the profile. Hope it helps.

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by n3voc In reply to

The profiles are roaming, and the issue follows the user. So far, no problem in any other OU.

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by scott_heath In reply to Win2k Locked start button

When you say "rebuild profile" I assume you mean you rename/delete the server copy of the profile, correct? Do you let it recreate from the local copy or rename/delete it as well? Does it re-occur on the same user. We have romaing profiles where I work and we constantly have niggly problems with them.

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