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    Win2K mystery reboot


    by mikeb56 ·

    Having a problem with a couple of my pc’s that I configured. I put a clean install of win2k, with all the updates along with standard office applications, office 2000, adobe 7.0 rdr, etc…
    The users are getting a random reboot throughout the day sometimes a couple times without any warning. Virus scan comes up clean along with spyware scan. Did not tweak any settings pretty much a default install. The only common link between these pc’s are they have Citrix client v9.0 installed. Any ideas?

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      Reply To: Win2K mystery reboot

      by the admiral ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      I have heard nothing about doing an online scan, checking of running resources, or any diags on the hardware.

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      Mystery reboots

      by black panther ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      Have a look in the “event viewer” on each of the computers that is restarting – ie Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer
      It may give you an indication of why the computer is restarting.

      Did they all start to “restart” at the same time or different times? If the same time did you load some software onto these computers around that time?

      Do you have automatic windows updates running?

      Some of the Windows updates have been known to cause restart problems.

      Do all the computers get updated with the same and latest virus and anti spyware programs?

      Does it happen in SAFE mode.

      also can try this

      Start Windows XP in Safe mode, and then configure Windows to not automatically restart when a STOP error occurs. To do this, follow these steps:
      To restart the computer in Safe Mode when the POST process completes, press F8.
      On the Windows Advanced Options menu that appears, use the ARROW keys to select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.
      Select the operating system to start, and then press ENTER.
      Log on to the computer as Administrator, and then click Yes in the Windows is running in safe mode dialog box that appears.

      NOTE: When the computer is running in Safe mode, your display settings may be set to a lower resolution than you expect.
      Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
      Click Switch to Classic View if Control Panel is not already in Classic View.
      Double-click System, click the Advanced tab, and then under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.
      Under System failure, click to clear the Automatically restart check box.
      Click OK twice.
      Close Control Panel, and then restart Windows normally.

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        Reply To: Win2K mystery reboot

        by admin ·

        In reply to Mystery reboots

        I too am running Win2000Pro and was having frequent unwanted reboots.

        Microsoft offered a “hotfix” that did not work.

        I followed your instructions from your post and found out that my computer is rebooting because of a “bugcheck”.

        What can I do to stop this “bugcheck” process from continuing or is there a better fix?



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      Win 2K Mystery Reboot Phenomenon

      by ben_gyampo ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      I support your quest for knowledge or answer. In the small office where I work, this was a regular feature even though Norton and McAfee were available and up to date. My unit and that of a Secretary had Win 2K and the rebooting was occuring sometimes thrice a day. At a point we THOUGHT that the problem was due to instability on “one phase” of our power supply system, until I read your enquiry.
      The only difference in my case is that I have nothing to do with “Citrix client v 9.0”. All the PCs in question are standalones. Mine has an internet connection but not the secretary’s.
      I hope I have contributed to this debate adequately.


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        Had the same problem on a XP machine

        by kvinton ·

        In reply to Win 2K Mystery Reboot Phenomenon

        I had the same problem with a brand new HP machine running XP. It was due to a bugcheck also. I feal it was a glitch in the motherboard. HP exchanged it and did further tests on it. Don’t know what ever happened.

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      My bugcheck issue…

      by brescome.misdept ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      In my company, the bugcheck/reboot issue was caused by Norton AntiVirus scanning a particular (malformed) file in the Temporary Internet Files folder from an otherwise innocuous website. Do a google on the bugcheck hexcode.

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      by djameson ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      have you checked the eventlog to see if there is any clue as to what is causing it, if there is a wmi type converstation causing it, it would be in the eventlog. if the computer was restarted due to a windows update, it should also be in there.

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      Win2K Mystery

      by jmckinney ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      You said that you applied all the updates for Windows 2000. I have a PC that is running 2000 and Citrix and we haven’t applied the compined patch, Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4, because there is a known problem with that patch and Citrix. I don’t know if that helps or not but you can try uninstalling that patch and see if the same problem occurs.

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      Sounds like a Trojan or Bot Infection

      by thedr ·

      In reply to Win2K mystery reboot

      Typical trojan and bot infections over the last year have caused intermittant rebooting of PCs via open TCP port 445. I would recommend blocking all TCP traffic on port 445 both incoming and outgoing along with confirming application of MS updates MS04-011 and MS03-026. Some MS processes such as the scheduler use 445 on a network, so you might need to open this port up to specific IP addresses if required. Some new variants of trojans such as Esbot and Spybot do this. Look for processes being started on your PCs like: mousebm.exe and .exe (Esbot), f2n{random number}.exe (Spybot), etc.

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