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Win2K NAT Help

By armand ·
We're running a Win2K Advanced Server for NAT. We've got 3 NIC's installed. 1 for our internal network and 2 Intel Adapters teamed for our public addresses. I've assigned 3 public IP's to the adapter team and assigned these to the NAT public interface pool.
Our application/exchange server is on a public network as such users have to go through the NAT box to download sofware or emails. This works fine for small apps but as soon as you start downloading big apps or email attachments it times out or gives a message stating that the network path is no longer available. Any ideas how to work around this as I don't have enough public IP's to give everyone and NAT looked like the ideal solution.

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by chad.vernon In reply to Win2K NAT Help

i'm sure you've already tried this, but this seemed to work with some of our exchange users. their outlook client would always time out when opening up. we raised the timeout from 90 seconds to something higher, say 130 and it seemed to work. it still took a while to open up, but it never timed out after that.

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by armand In reply to NAT

All the clients connect fine, it's just on
file transfers that it seem to timeout. ie.
installing apps from a server or downloading
email attachments.

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How did you get your NAT working ?

by jodyc In reply to Timeout

I have found when I share my NIC with the Internet connection (that is the proper one to share right? ) it gives me a warning that my IP address scheme is going to change etc. and I say yes. Well it actually changes my Internet IP from server assigned to not my internal NIC. If I remove that share and then share my Internal NIC, it changes the IP and my client can ping it etc, but it won't lease an ip from the mini DHCP that ICS installs. If I hard code the IP on the client, and setdefault gateway and DNS for my ISP, (this is what works for Win98 ICS)it wont let my client out. It does however let my server out.

Any suggestions


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Same problem as Jody!!!

by broussard98 In reply to How did you get your NAT ...

I have the dual NIC setup in the server, and everything works great until I hit that dreaded ICS button!!! After that, I haven't found out how to recover from whatever is done by ICS OR get a client to connect to the internet

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Why ICS?

by SnoopRob In reply to Same problem as Jody!!!

I have known of several people having problems with ICS on a Win98 machine. The solution I would suggest is not to use it. Go to and download ProxyX. Free and easy, and I have not known about any problems in using it.

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