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    Win2k network connections confusion


    by huw ·

    I have a PC with an USB broadband modem sharing it’s connection through the network using Internet Connection Sharing. Using Win2000, when I boot up, the network connection doesn’t show up in the taskbar (even though it’s connected), and the shortcut on the desktop for the broadband connection is lit (even though it’s NOT connected!) When I click to initiate the broadband connection it does nothing for a few minutes, then a ‘Connection not found’ message comes up. If I go into Network and dial-up connections it is completely empty! However if I log off and back on again, everything is as it should be. I’ve tried the connection sharing on two other PCs, both running win2k, and the result is the same, so I’m 100% convinced it’s a win2k problem. Does anyone know of a way round this?
    I’ve installed XP on the same computer and set it up in the same way and have no problems, but I’d rather be using win2k!

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