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Win2k & Novell client 4.8

By pctech1 ·
Does anyone here have a solution for getting drive mappings to function properly on a win2k pro workstation running on Novell 4 & 5 servers? Also
after installing the Novell 4.8 client for win2k the login screen that appears is the win2k defaul not novell's client.
anyone having this problem?

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Go back to version 4.7

by rzan In reply to Win2k & Novell client 4.8

I have seen this problem too. I guess Novell screwed up a bit when they released this new client. The 4.8 client for NT and 3.3 client for Win 98 is meant for ZenWorks for Desktops 3.0. If you don't run ZFD 3.0, then stick with 4.7 for NT/2000 and 3.21 for Win 9x.

Roger Zan, CNE

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Novell Client 4.8

by pctech1 In reply to Go back to version 4.7


Can I just load the ZFD 3.0 instead of going back to 4.7. I just cant seem to get the novell client to be the primary logon for Win2k though.

On the LAN I get the win2k login for the workstation and then the novell client login windows appears afterwards. Everything works fine except a few login script errors which I can just bypass.

its just that I can't seem to get the Novell client to be the default login for the workstation and server.. Any ideas?


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Successfully Installing Novell Client32

by jwalkerjr In reply to Novell Client 4.8

It has been my experience with installing Novell Client 32 on Win2k systems, the install will many times not complete properly if the Microsoft Client for Netware exists. You should remove the Microsoft Client and reboot before beginning the NovellClient32 install. Also, if you have Novell's client installed now, remove it reboot and reinstall using the custom install options. Pay careful attention to dialog boxes to insure successful completion of the install.

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Win2k & Novell client 4.8 drive mappings

by bwilkie In reply to Win2k & Novell client 4.8

After installing Novell client 4.8 I had the same problem with the drive mappings not working correctly. Eventually I did get it to work properly, this is what I did.....

go to your Novell client properties
* location profiles
* default properties
* login service properties
* script tab
* clear the box for close automatically
* make sure the other boxes are checked

Go to the NDS tab
* When choosing the tree, server and context use the boxes to pull up your correct settings, Windows2000 IS case sensitive. This is what caused our login scripts NOT to run.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get the Novell login screen to appear instead of the 2000 login, if I do, I'll let you know.

Hopefully this will work for you too.
Good luck

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by adcockdf In reply to Win2k & Novell client 4.8 ...

Adding "MapRootOff" and setting the value to "1" in the Environmental Variables section will allow you Novell login scripts to take precedence once again.

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Dual Login - NO!!

by jandrews In reply to Win2k & Novell client 4.8 ...

After loggin in to Novell - the NT login then pops up requiring a 2nd login.
"The Real Problem" I realize it is not a problem for a single user, but in a School Computer Lab (never knowing who will log in there - maybe hundreds of different users) it would be nice to avoid this 2nd login and have windows see everyone as the same profile.

How is that done?


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Windows XP and Dual Login

by rdent In reply to Dual Login - NO!!

Help! I am having the same problem with Windows XP and Novell client-login. XP wants a second login. Not feasable in a school district.


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Make shift solution

by GothicAlan In reply to Windows XP and Dual Login

I know that this problem was announced a long time ago. But for those people who are reading this, the solution I have come up with is to create an NT user called "Just Hit Enter" with a null password. (assign it User rights if you desire). That way each time the profile is the same, but you can still differentiate between novell logins.

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Novell client 4.8 login vs. WIN2K login

by bwilkie In reply to Win2k & Novell client 4.8

Hello all,

Well, I have figured it out, here's what I did.....

* open REGEDIT
Novell client 4.8 marks the ginadll as awgina.dll, change it to


Now reboot and it will bring up your Novell login box, and it also puts the red N in your task bar. Be patient when rebooting, it seemed a bit slow at first, but the next time it comes up faster.

Buffie Wilkie
Network Admin

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Ahhh...the dreaded registry of death!

by rzan In reply to Novell client 4.8 login v ...

We all have Microsuck to thank for third party software having problems running on Windows. It's always the registry or kernel that causes the problem.

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