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Win2K Observations

By LordInfidel ·
After working with Win2K for well over a year now. I have observed some behaviours with this os and was curious to see if anyone has seen the same.

What I have come to notice is that from time to time I run into some weird, cryptic errors. Thiswill usually happen during installation or during boot up.

And even though the error messages lead you to beleive one thing. It is in fact something else.

From what I can tell, aside from the HCL, the 2 biggest things for 2K is 1. the Bios and2. Physical Memory.

I had one situation where the OS (installed on a IBM 390x thinkpand) refused to boot when It was returned back from service.

After some weird ASPI errors at boot time and a re-flash of the bios. I found that it was actually the memory. But that was not the oddest part. The odd part was that both modules were good. The OS just did not like the order that they were sitting in the socket. Once I reversed them 2K booted just fine. Keep in mind that both modules were identical.

Next oddity was another laptop and it's internal modem. Even though 2K detected it and installed it. It just would not work. A simple BIOS update and it worked just fine. (I thought this machine was updated first, my mistake)

Nextwas a random behaviour generatoring machine that had random reboots and would lock up. Turns out it was a RamBus module that went bad.

I guess what I am saying is, when 2K starts giving you random unexplainable behaviour. Before you go crazy trying to repair the OS, look at your ram and bios.

So far every problem that I have had with 2k has pointed to those 2 basic errors.

While all of this goes to the basics of computing. I just thought it was a nifty observation on the way 2k handles it.

If anyone else has noticed some erratic behaviour, i'd be curious to know about it.

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