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By summnik ·
Hi I have a p4 1.8 ghz computer 256 mb ddr ram 40 gb hdd asrock mb with win 2000 pro office 2000 on a domain. the problem is the printers don't show up in the printers folder if i go to add printers then hp deskjet 695c lpt1 it names it hp695c(2)(3)(4)ect... the same with the hp laserjet 4 so it nows the printers are there. when i try to print from the internet it says not enough memory? print from anything else and it just sets there nothing.But i can open outlook mail and print just fine to both printers no problem. i have tried cleaning the print spool & renaming dill's and cleaning the reg and reinstalling same thing. No virus or trojon horse found. all updates installed for win 2k and office.set permission's to all user. Also both printers on a switch box,hav tried without switch no luck.Beat Head Against Wall :). Thanks Ronnie

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by timothy.sharpe In reply to win2k printers

I seem to remember having a similar problem a few years ago and I think it had to do with the TCP/IP configuration. Maybe a miss-match with the IP configurations on workstation and printer. Take a look at the mask, default gateway, WINS or DHCP settings on the networked printer. That could explain the networked printer but would not explain the printer hanging off LPT1:

Is this happening on other workstations? Is the HP 4 networked?

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by TechRevelation In reply to win2k printers

One other possibility with this is an issue with not having enough memory actually installed in the computer. Depending on what all is running at the time you are attempting to print, you could get the error. Try running a perfmon and monitoring your memory usage while attempting to print. You can also look at the task manager to see what your memory usage is at. Try closing out any applications you arn't using at the time of the print. If you notice that your memory usage is hitting pagefile territory (memory usage above 256 MB) then it is most likely a need for more memory. I have seen several computers with W2k that when idle are using more than 100 MB of RAM and certain applications can chew up whatever remaining memory is left really fast.

Also, double check your drivers to make sure you have the latest drivers for the printer from the manufacturer...

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