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Win2K Pro on Network Slow

By KathyG ·
I am installing win2K pro on Dell 733 and 833MHZ machines (RAM 384MB)running Novell client(primary) and also in a domain. I'm baffled on the slowness of apps launching (Ofc97) and network interaction. My users were working on 150 MHZ (40MB RM) Win95 machines and had better performance. MS office apps are running local - file server is local - some WAN interaction on some apps. But bootup and running local printing is horrible. Upgrading seems to be a downgrade. Any info would be appreciated.

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Novell Client v4.8 could be the problem

by rack In reply to Win2K Pro on Network Slow

In my work in creating an image for our laptops which will be distributed to 1100 incomming & returning students, I found this same problem. According to Novell this is a problem with the v4.8 client. v4.7 was better in performance according to what I read. There is a SP3 for v4.8 client but there were some possible drawbacks there also, I am still evauluating whether we will go with the SP3 patch for the client or not. You would think by now Novell would know how to write a client, but then again it probably was a problem due to MS never sticking with a standard for long.

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by KathyG In reply to Novell Client v4.8 could ...

Thanks for replying - I will explore this aspect of my image also.

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