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Win2K Pro Shutdown Save Settings

By jawaglen ·
Please let me know how to toggle save to NOT save settings upon shutdown. I have a hunch some times I encounter problems because my settings have changed and when shutting down the changes get saved with the problems so next boot up reintroduces the problems. I want to control when shutdown saves or not saves.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Win2K Pro Shutdown Save S ...

the only way i can think of to do this is by changing permissions on the registry to not allow the current user to write to it.
to do that, use Start/run/regedt32 <enter>
highlight each hive and pick Permissions. be sure to leave one account will Full Control.
is that the kind of thing you are looking for?
sgt's 2 cents is: you barking up wrong tree here but if i am wrong please do tell!! cuz i am first to admit: know nuthin!

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by Winterfrost In reply to Win2K Pro Shutdown Save S ...

If you start haphazardly changing registry permissions you might as get your reinstall/repair CD out right now. That will not fix anything.

"Saving your settings" is just Windows writing your registry changes and preparing to shut down/log off. You can't turn this off, nor would you want to.

If you can describe the problems that you're having that would lead you to want to "disable" this, you might get a better response.

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by jawaglen In reply to

Correct, I really do not want to start changing registry permissions but I also do not want anything else changing registry settings unless it is something I want changed. I know if I install software or change setting in some software the registry is going to change and it must save at shutdown.
But If I am browsing the web and close my browser and later boot the browser again only to discover something has changed my homepage, it would be really simple to just have the save turned off so the registry changes do not get saved and then at new bootup, my old good setting will rule. IF my homepage can get changed without me doing it, other settings can be changed also, and how can I know what changes those might be. That is why I want to toggle OFF the save so the save won't save registry changes that might be malicious or at minimum, annoying.
Yes, I am firewalled, and these changes still happen sometimes. I don't always want the save to write changes to my registry. Is my thinking screwed up?

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Win2K Pro Shutdown Save S ...


With what you said that your home page changes, then my guess is that you have a hijacker lurking in your system.

My suggestion is to down load a program called Adwareaway, from and run the scan, doing what it tells you to, then check what it has found to make sure that nothing you need is going to be deleted ( it always detects my AV), then run the 4 individual detectors and check if any nasties of that type have been found (at the end its says "Malware found (x)). If any is found you will need to scroll back through the log to find what it is and the use the appropriate removal tool.

You will have a trial perion of 5 days.

Good luck.

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by Winterfrost In reply to Win2K Pro Shutdown Save S ...

If you do not want to save any changes to your user profile using a mandatory profile would be my next suggestion:;en-us;307800

It wouldn't be easily toggled on and off, but it would prevent changes to the profile from being saved...

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