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I have a 60 gig HD which originally had win98 and then I put win2K. Win98 won't boot up, but that's not the problem or maybe it is. I know that the system files are put in where the boot files are and vice versa with win2K. They go in the first sectors of the hd. Somehow the boot.ini got corrupted.

This is my issue now, Everytime I try to use outlook, although the mail comes through piece by piece after I have to keep responding to "The procedure entry point StrTokEx could not be locted in the dyanmic link library MScertZ.dll. I know that Ntoskrnl.exe and Hal.dll have to be loacated in %SystemRoot%\System32 folder but it seems tht %systemroot% is no where to be found. I installed the Recovery console but as of yet I have not a handle on it. How do I get these important files back to where they have to be?
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by bburdzel In reply to WIN2K Pro

I may be mistaken, but it sounds like you are looking for the folder %systemroot%. %systemroot% is a variable that represents your system folder. On a default win2k install %systemroot% is equal to c:winnt. To verify this go to a command prompt and type 'set' and hit enter. You will see a list of all environment variables - including 'systemroot'. If your machine is booting to win2k without a problem, I can assure you that hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe are properly located in c:winnt:system32 folder and this is not the cause of your outlook problems.

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