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Win2K proff DUN to NT4 Workstation RAS

By yorsys ·
I have an NT4.0 (SP6) workstation running RAS to allow dialup connections to its internal network resources. The internal network runs TCP/IP, there are no WINS,DNS or DHCP servers. The RAS assigns dialin clients from a static pool of IP addresses.
When dialing in from a WIN98 cleint set to use NetBEUI and TCP/IP all resources are available.

When dialing in from a Win2K Proffesional workstaion client, only NetBEUI enabled resurces are available. The RAS does not provide internal network connectivity. The RAS configuration has not been changed from the Win98 client configuration. I cannot Ping any TCP/IP addresses, including the NT4 RAS NIC. I can PING the RAS server and client IPs.

The Win2K DUN is not set to use the default Gateway on the remote (dialed in) network. According to MS (Technet) this may have been the problem due the differences between Win98 and Win2K handling of default routes and Sub-net masks.

It should be noted that all settings in the Win2K and Win98 systems have been set and verified to be the same (as far as possible). Can you please help solve the access rights issue (RAS is validating the user OK).

This configuration would seem, to me, to be quite a common setup (maybe with NT4 server in lieu of workstation) and I cannot understand why a simple task seems so hard.

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Win2K proff DUN to NT4 Workstation RAS

by Mikel~T In reply to Win2K proff DUN to NT4 Wo ...

if you don't set it up to use the remote network gateway, any IP requests by your machine will try and use your local subnet, or ISP connection to resolve whatever request you are making. By using the remote network's gateway, your computer will now be able to resolve any IP requests made of the remote network (assuming you have a default gateway/router setup on the RAS machine)

hope this helps.


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