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    WIN2K registery cleanup


    by coolhand99 ·

    I have several WIN2K machines that are booting slowly and shutting down slowly. Also slow to open programs, WORD, EXCEL . No errors or failure to open, just sloooow.

    What are some good registery general maintence programs?


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      Reply To: WIN2K registery cleanup

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to WIN2K registery cleanup

      Have you first run AV & Male Ware Scans over these machines in [b]Safe Mode Without Networking[/b] to firstly make sure that they are clean?

      From previous experience slow booting and opening times are caused by various infections that the units have picked up over time and not had removed so you are running far more services that what you need to this will slow down the systems dramatically and cause the problems that you are describing. You should also regularly run the Disk Defragmenter utility in Windows to stop the spread of data all over the drive making it work harder just to start up and open programs.

      If you don’t have any Male Ware Utilities you can get some from the following URL’s


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