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Win2K Restarts Unexpectedly & Repeatedly

By theagleonline ·
I'm using Win 2000 Professional with downloaded SP3, and I'm stumped on a problem that's been occuring.

For no apparent reason, the system will suddenly restart, without going to a blue screen, and will do so repeatedly. Sometimes you're able to use the computer for hours before it starts rebooting, and sometimes you've barely been logged on for a second.

The restart does not seem to be associated with any actions, but I have noticed a few times that it restarted right as I clicked on a button or tried to start an application (usually IE 6).

One thing that's weird is the fact that when I go to the Event Log, there aren't any errors. I've also gone to System Properties>Advanced>Startup/Recovery and disabled the Automatic Reboot upon System Failure. But this hasn't worked. I have never seen a blue screen or any other error. The computer just keeps restarting unexpectedly.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Please!

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Win2K Restarts Unexpectedly & Repeatedly

by dmiles7 In reply to Win2K Restarts Unexpected ...

The problem may stem from an overheating or power supply problem,check the fans of your power supply and cpu to see if they are working properly
You did not mention the system type which could be causing intermittent problems.

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Win2K Restarts Unexpectedly & Repeatedly

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Win2K Restarts Unexpected ...

This sounds like a power brown out, that is the power available has dropped below the minimum level, or a CPU overheat causing restart to cool off the system.

As suggested check your cpu and cooling fans, if the environment is a warmish one try extra fans, but also try an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), kind of like a battery back up and power regulator. Check what else is on that power circuit and check if it is overloading at times. I have seen this happen on a regular basis at one client, solved the problem by putting the coffee machine and toaster on another power circuit.

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Win2K Restarts Unexpectedly & Repeatedly

by khall3 In reply to Win2K Restarts Unexpected ...

You definetly have a problem with your computer overheating. It is either the power supply fan or the CPU fan. Open up the case and boot up your computer. Look and see which fan isn't working and replace it.

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