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    Win2k Server and Workstations


    by dlmaric ·

    I have one Win2k server and 10 workstations with win2k pro on it. I Had a domain, so I want to create something like this:
    1. Create a user on server, and after that adding the same user on one workstation.
    2. After this the user can enter with his on user and pass from any workstation.

    How can I do that?

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      Like this.

      by madroxxx ·

      In reply to Win2k Server and Workstations

      If the server is a domain controller you simply create the user on the server. If the workstations are members of the domain then that user can log in anywhere. He will not have many rights on the machine though. You can give the rights on the workstations that you want all logged in users to the group “domain users”.

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        by ώ.ữ.ẃ.ϫ.м.ς ® , ·

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        u first need to create a group on the server>right clic my compter>manage>local users and grp>under grp>create nw gp….Make this new gp members os admins on the local machine. do same on all wkstns…add this group to your chosen grp (pwr users,Domain admins etc )on the DC…if this is done u should logg in to the domain from all wkstns

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