WIN2K Server Logon Problem (urgent for me)

By Shaun.G ·
I do not know where to start... I have been having this problem a while, and it never used to happen. As far as I am aware, I am not running anything different to what I did before.

I have a Win2k Server, and a WinXP Home pc. They are on a network together. They are in the same workgroup, they have DHCP from the router.

The server is no a PDC, it is just a server, as I wanted the webserver to test things on, and winxp home does not seem to have one nor does it like to have one installed.

What happens is that I have some files I like to ensure are copied to the server, using robocopy.

What happens regularly is I get this error "ERROR 58 (0x0000003A) Accessing Destination Directory \\joshua\e\Genesis\data\
The specified server cannot perform the requested operation."

And then I reboot the server, and it starts to work. However, often I get this error trying to logon the server:

The system cannot log you due to the following error:

The network request is not supported.

Please try again or contact your system administrator.

This is annoying as I do not see why there should be any problems at all. The cables are good, the network card is good. I cannot pinpoint when the error strated to occur, but I should not have to keep rebooting the server to get it to work.

The server pc is a old pII 350 with 85mb ram. It does nothing at just sit there with the webserver, that is seldom used. It is used mostly for file backup. Or rather copying files to the pc using robocopy.

This is urgent for me. Do I really need to get a new pc?

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