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Win2K TS crashes W98SE client

By JoeBlough ·
I have a P1-266 running TS client. I dial it up onto the net, can surf with IE so I know I'm on. I then launch TS client, enter the IP and click connect.

Once the connection starts I can see the TS window come up with my server's login just starting to display then the W98 client box blue screens with....

A fatal error exception 0E occured at 0028:c9c89b9b
The current application will be terminated.

At the point the whole TCPIP stack seems to be blown... I can no longer do anything internet realted.

I have tried everything and now need help!!!

Thanks in advance!

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by JoeBlough In reply to Win2K TS crashes W98SE cl ...

Point value changed by question poster. Upped to 500... I need to resolve this!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Win2K TS crashes W98SE cl ...

is that error message exact/accurate? is there more?
here is what i would try. testing all the while...
latest critical updates for windows 98
latest service packs on IE
delete all Dial Up Adapters and reinstall.
uncheck everything you can recognize, that you think you can disable without crashing Windows...make notes of what you disable.. if you don't know what it is, leave it in for now.
if your error goes away, add stuff back in and test until you find the bad boy. first try: firewalls, anti-virus, 'pc-doc' type utilites...

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by JoeBlough In reply to

The error is verbose. I reinstalled win98SE, did the update, installed the latest IE with updates, and removed anythign from config.sys, autoexec.bat, win.ini, system.ini, and startup tasks that were not absolutly essential to making the OS run... same problem

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Win2K TS crashes W98SE cl ...

I don't know which version of the TS client you are using, so I suggest you unistall it and get the latest version here:
(please remove any spaces)

Maybe that will help.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

Just to be sure, I mean for you to install this on your Win98 box.

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by JoeBlough In reply to

found a different PC to use

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by JoeBlough In reply to Win2K TS crashes W98SE cl ...

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