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    win2k user restrictions


    by gsbkamath ·


    Like everyone I am also here to take the best advice. I am working as a System Admin for one of the I.T Company. We are basically a software development company and there are around 50 dvelopers working on Visual Studio and dot net technologies. The present setup is very simple as all the users? logs as administrator into their own respective desktops which has windows 2000 OS installed but now the problem is we are going to have two shifts and we will be using the same computer for both the shifts. Now my question is how I can set the permission where the first shift user should not be able to access the data of the second shift user data and vise versa including the date like Visual studio, ASP, IIS / Inetpub data.

    Thanking you in advance


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      Seperate accounts

      by ohpleaseagain ·

      In reply to win2k user restrictions

      You need to establish seperate user accounts with only you or your administrators having admin. access, and each user having the applicable restrictions, set by you under admin, for read/write access or file sharing. This will be time consuming so don’t get burnt out. Ask for help from a trusted source. Resist the demands from users to have unlimited access, that’s asking for trouble later on unless you really, really know they can be trusted. Be sure you set most, if not all machines so that people, esp. for new hires that you don’t know their habits; so that they can’t install their own software without your knowledge or approval. You’ll have to set each machine under “Start/Control Panel/Administrative/”, but you can do that remotely and if absolutely necessary you can configure for the changes to occur off-peak. However, this is risky because if you aren’t there and that WS crashes it will sit till you come in the next day, thus potentially interrupting someone’s work day; number each workstation (Ex.101,102,etc.) under network places, then go into properties to set access restictions. Do you have a 2000 user manual? It’s in the index, if I had time to, I’d look it up for you but I’m not in my office right now. Take your time, do one machine and verify all the changes work. I generally make one or two changes and restart to realign the registry. It helps to keep it from freezing, once you get that one successfully reconfigured scandisk and defrag it, then duplicate repeatedly. You’ve got your hands full, I’ll say a prayer.

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        by gsbkamath ·

        In reply to Seperate accounts

        Thanks for your reply. I did tried what you suggested one few computers but the ASP.NET programmers uses IIS and they have to create / copy files in inetpub/wwwroot directory so when they login they are not able to write or create any files in inetpub/wwwroot directory as only administrator can do so. Whats next?

        Thank you in advance dude

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