win2k3 Group policy

By bubloob_13 ·
Dear All

We have win2k3 server in our office and all our clients are windows XP. We have group policy

for account , desktop, software restriction policy etc. But i found whenever i add new pc and trying to

apply group policy only account, desktop policies are getting applied. Software restriction

policy is not getting applied.

I have common wallpaper for all our clients sometimes wallpaper also not changing as per the

policy. In Software restriction policy i have denied the sol.exe, mines.exe using path rule.

But there are few pc's are still able access sol.exe etc.

Can someone help me how to apply all the group policy and also tell me how to identify which

are all policies are applied.

Even I tried to manually update group policy using gpupdate /force. It's not happening

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to win2k3 Group policy

Is the newly added machine in the proper OU?
Have you tried to do an GPupdate?
Possibly replicate your domain as well.

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Group policy

by bubloob_13 In reply to OU

Yes, it's in proper domain,

Yes, i tried to update using gpupdate

How to replicate? pls. guide me

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GP @ 2k3 server

by anders_emajl In reply to win2k3 Group policy

don't know how you set it up but my way is like this.

First I create a folder (OU ) for each categori of users (like managers, or financial or staff).
A subfolder in each userfolder to contain computer acceable for this group of users.

add gp suitable to each user in the folder
add gp suitable to computers in subfolder.

This means that all users in userfolder have specific gp settings and when logging in to computor in the subfolder they have specific gp.

The funny thing with some of microsofts appz is that they can be copied elsewhere, like sol.exe to the tempfolder, and run from this location without any problem.
Suggest you try another solution to that problem like preventing any program with the application.internal_name = "sol.exe" to execute. From the top of my head I don't know straight away how....;-[

Finnaly, I have simmilary experiance as you with the random apply of gp. Above was the best solution for my cases.

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